Royal Thunder and Ancient VVisdom in South Bend~ Follow Up Review and Photos

It’s always nice to get my mind blown more than once by the same band. I did my actual first gig review on Royal Thunder last year in September. I didn’t bring a decent camera and took some really crappy pictures, but it was awesome to meet the band and to hear their music live for the first time. Doing that first review also opened a door for me to take what I was doing to the next level. So, in that sense, I owe Royal Thunder a very big thank you for being so cool and ultimately giving me the confidence to sally forth. Read HERE for the original review so I don’t end up repeating myself.

Crappy photo of me and Mlny Parsonz, singer and bassist of Royal Thunder in front of the Beat Kitchen in Chicago.

This time, I came prepared for their gig at Cheers Pub in my hometown of South Bend, Indiana. The crowd could have been a little thicker, but there were some other local things going on that divided audiences. It’s kind of like that around here. There are a few cool venues to go to and sometimes the competition can be very evident. South Bend is a college town with music scene that is booming largely thanks to Bill Finn of Finncade Shows. He brings a variety of talent here from outlaw country all the way to black metal. More national acts are stopping in our town to grow their audiences and Royal Thunder was no exception. They came to town with Ancient VVisdom and put on one hell of a show and even more people got their minds blown. People are still talking about the gig and the people who didn’t go are kicking themselves in the ass for missing out. Royal Thunder rocked the house and left a plethora of new fans in their wake.
Basically, this follow up review is to get you fine people to discover Royal Thunder and to buy the hell out of their music and merch from their online store and if you see that they are coming near you, take my word for it and go see them so you can get your mind blown too. To see if they’ll be near you, check HERE.
RoyalThunderCandlebox 191
All photos for Royal Thunder can be found HERE.

Austin, Texas occult rockers Ancient VVisdom opened up for Royal Thunder and brought a different kind of metal to this area. They sort of have this rock and roll blues thing that is very Austin like with a Scandinavian battle metal intensity complete with epic soundscapes and lyrics. Singer/songwriter Nathan Opposition was fascinating to watch and to photograph. I’ll definitely be checking out their debut album A Godlike Inferno as well as their newest release Deathlike in order to get a better idea about them. I was so busy getting some really great shots that I honestly missed much of the show. Music and merch can be found in their online store.
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All photos for Ancient VVisdom can be found HERE.

All photos by Alex Savage. All rights reserved.

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